Manavao ("Innovate”, "something new"in Malagasy language) is a webiste edited by Smart Economy Solutions, a young start-up located at Castelnaudary. 

Our team is very delighted to launch, a new kind of professional social networks.

Within a context of protectionism and inward-looking attitudes, we believe in the power of technology to imagine a new balance between local and global.

The digital revolution is making us to change permanently our ways of thinking, acting, interacting, communicating with others, working.

Collaboration, sharing, collective intelligence and participative innovation bring us possibilities to shape a future and collective agenda answering the issues we are facing in terms of sustainable growth and economic development. is the first professional social network designed globally to act business locally.

Our first mission is to connect all the economic stakeholders to their business neighborhood(s). Our second mission is to generate new interactions between these local business communities organized at urban level.

Our ambition is to provide an all-in-one platform offering added value services to our members.